Punto Italia Espresso was born in 2007 as a new brand to represent the modern Italian style and elegance with the tradition of the Italian flavour and quality. Our roasting company has long history in crafting coffee since 1927 and has developed fine skills to roast and prepare each coffee flavour with consistent quality and aroma. Our coffees have far origins and bring to you the flavours of the best coffee producing countries. Meticulously chosen from different varieties, our coffees create the distinctive and unique aroma of Punto Italia Espresso.

Punto Italia Espresso produces coffee blends from seven growing regions made of the best Arabica beans and the finest coffee types: a choice guaranteeing constant quality and product excellence. It is a refined combination that distinguishes Punto Italia Espresso’s blend, ensuring the same taste and aroma at each preparation. Our careful roasting process is done separately for each coffee origin and uses the latest technologies and quality controls together with the tradition of the slow fire roasting to unveil the unmistakable Punto Italia Espresso aroma, body, taste and colour.

The modern packaging line of Punto Italia Espresso guarantees the freshness of all our products thanks to the sophisticated vacuum system and application of the one-way valve for the beans and the use of nitrogen in all our capsules. The careful quality control system of Punto Italia Espresso ensures consumer that you always have a fresh and perfect product with a full aroma characteristic of our blends. Punto Italia Espresso today is the choice of many of the most prestigious locations in the world, united in pursuit of quality, style, elegance and authenticity.


SUPERIORE 100% ARABICA and INTENSO were born in 1Kg pack beans, in 250gr ground and in E.S.E. pods. Refined and full flavoured coffee blends that represent the two Italian coffee experiences: Superiore the typical northern Italian coffee flavour and Intenso the typical southern Italian coffee style.


Our DECAFFEINATO was born. A refined blend of 90% Arabica finely decaffeinated with a balanced roasting to enhance all the character of the Italian Espresso in a decaffeinated coffee.

The ESPRESSO POINT capsules were created and launched to provide our coffee flavours to the capsule machine owners mostly in the office and small horeca locations.


This year Punto Italia Espresso had a full re-branding with a new packaging design together with the launch of the new full range of NESPRESSO® compatible capsules.
A new coffee flavour was added: CAFFÈ CREMA and 5 premium teas were also created in the Nespresso® line of products.


A new coffee flavour was created from certified organic coffee beans: BIO/ORGANIC was launched in the Nespresso® capsule family.

Towards the end of the year, we also added CIOCCOLATA and MOKA as two chocolate based capsule drinks.


This year marks an important leap forward in Punto Italia Espresso development.
A new capsule production facility was opened in Singapore to serve better the growing Asian market.
In Singapore only the capsules are being manufactured while the coffee beans are still selected and roasted in Italy by our master roasters.


Punto Italia Espresso introduced the new line of compostable biodegradable capsules and developed a whole new project to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Using less energy, using renewable sources of energy, reducing waste and carbon footprint.


A new packaging design was launched providing a new face to our products that shows the environmentally friendly approach.

NESCAFÈ® DOLCE GUSTO® compatible capsules were also launched making the line of Punto Italia Espresso products also available for this popular capsule system.

Enjoy Punto Italia Espresso, enjoy the taste of an Italian masterpiece.

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